Trump Says He's Going To "Crush" His 2024 Opponent, Do You Believe Him?

Biden To Win By Landslide?

On Sunday, Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders from Vermont expressed his belief that President Biden, who launched his reelection campaign last week, has the potential to secure a landslide victory in the 2024 election.

According to The Hill, although he ran against Biden in the 2020 election, Sanders acknowledged that he and the president hold divergent views. However, Sanders emphasized that, in the present political climate, he believes Biden is the unequivocal option for voters. He added that this fact is not a concealed matter.

“We live in a nation where you have a major political party, the Republican Party, where many- not all, but many of their leadership doesn’t even believe in democracy, they maintain the myth that Trump won the last election. They’re trying to keep people from voting. They’re trying to deny women the right to control their own bodies,” Sanders explained.

“If you believe in democracy, you want to see more people vote, not fewer people vote, I think the choice is pretty clear. And that choice is Biden,” Sanders added.

Sanders also stated that if Democrats and the president become more resolute on working-class concerns and confront the avarice of influential entities such as insurance companies, drug companies, and Wall Street, and if they begin to work for the benefit of working-class individuals, then he firmly believes that Biden will be able to attain a significant victory in the upcoming election.

Last week, President Biden began his highly anticipated campaign for reelection in 2024.

On Sunday, Sanders also dismissed apprehensions about Biden’s age during the campaign. Despite being a year older than the president, who would be 86 at the conclusion of his second term if he is reelected, the Vermont senator did not express any worries.