Is Trump The Only Candidate You Will Vote For In 2024?

DeSantis Backing Out Of 2024

While DeSantis has not said that he is canceling his 2024 run, critics of Ron DeSantis have spent several weeks criticizing his national political rollout, citing his operation’s slow pace and questioning whether he has already fallen irreversibly behind Donald Trump in the GOP presidential primary race for 2024.

As a result, some of Governor DeSantis’ initial supporters are now beginning to question his strategy.

According to the Miami Herald, In over 20 interviews with Republican strategists, DeSantis supporters, and current or former elected officials, many expressed mounting concerns about the Governor’s approach. They worry that a politician who had a strong start to the year is now losing momentum even before he officially announces his presidential candidacy.

Their primary concern is that the Florida Republican has waited too long to launch his campaign, making him ill-equipped to withstand the former president’s forceful attacks and falling behind in critical on-the-ground organizing necessary in states with early nominating contests.

According to Dennis Lennox, a Republican operative who helped organize a letter in support of DeSantis from Michigan state GOP lawmakers, “Politics is all about seizing the moment – DeSantis’ moment was in December and January – and every day that he doesn’t officially launch his campaign, the door is closing. DeSantis can win the race, but he needs to enter now.”

While other Republicans interviewed for this story share Lennox’s optimism about DeSantis’ chances of regaining momentum, they acknowledge that there is still time to correct course at this early stage of the primary. However, some Republican strategists who remain neutral in the 2024 GOP primary were more critical of DeSantis’ efforts thus far this year. Despite their critiques, they typically noted that they still consider him a strong potential candidate.

According to these strategists, the key for the governor is to start accelerating his timeline.