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VIDEO: Republicans Sending Haiti Migrants Where?

Democrats won’t like this.

Amidst the backdrop of escalating gang violence in Haiti, Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has issued a cautionary message regarding the migration of Haitian refugees. In a recent podcast conversation with Dana Loesch, DeSantis outlined the state’s initiatives to transport migrants away from border regions, emphasizing the potential influx into Democratic strongholds such as Martha’s Vineyard.

The governor highlighted the proximity of Florida to Haiti, a mere 840 miles, where rampant violence and political instability have engulfed the nation following the resignation of Prime Minister Ariel Henry. Reports indicate that approximately 1.4 million Haitians are teetering on the brink of famine, while over 15,000 individuals have been displaced from their homes.

DeSantis has responded to the situation by deploying a substantial contingent of officers, soldiers, helicopters, drones, and boats to monitor South Florida’s waterways, particularly for incoming vessels from Haiti. Recent successes include intercepting a boat carrying 25 Haitian refugees, including five children. Additionally, the vessel was found to be transporting firearms, night vision goggles, and narcotics.

Expressing his commitment to safeguarding Florida, DeSantis stressed the importance of addressing this issue amidst the state’s existing challenges, including an influx of individuals relocating from politically liberal states. The governor’s remarks underscore the complexity of managing migration dynamics, the humanitarian crisis in Haiti, and the imperative to uphold state security measures.

In summary, Governor DeSantis’s comments shed light on Florida’s proactive stance in handling the arrival of Haitian migrants while emphasizing the broader context of the crisis and its implications for both the state and the nation at large.