Are You Ashamed That Biden Is Our President?

Democrat Wears Putin Mask Into Congress

Democrats have resorted to taunting Republicans who are trying to get to the bottom of things.

During a recent hearing in Congress, Republican lawmakers pressed forward with their impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. The session, chaired by Representative James Comer, witnessed a peculiar incident when a Democrat, Representative Jared Moskowitz, made a symbolic statement by wearing a Vladimir Putin mask briefly outside the hearing room. This gesture was intended to emphasize his accusation that Republicans were unwittingly promoting Russian disinformation.

The core of the Republicans’ argument revolves around allegations that President Biden and his family engaged in unethical financial dealings, leveraging his position as Vice President during the Obama administration. However, these accusations remain unproven.

Moskowitz’s act of donning the Putin mask was a visually striking expression of his belief that Comer’s actions were in alignment with the interests of the Russian president. Although he did not wear the mask inside the hearing, the symbolism was evident.

The Republican investigation draws from sources that include a former FBI informant who has been charged with dishonesty regarding allegations of bribery involving a Ukrainian businessman and the Bidens. It has been revealed that this informant has connections to Russian intelligence, raising concerns about the validity of the information provided.

During the hearing, testimonies were heard from individuals associated with both the Biden and Trump families. Notably, Jason Galanis, speaking remotely from prison where he is serving a sentence for fraud, and Tony Bobulinski recounted interactions with President Biden during their business dealings with Hunter Biden. However, neither provided evidence of discussions where the President directly addressed their business activities.

The White House has vehemently dismissed the impeachment inquiry as baseless and politically motivated, urging Congress to focus on more pressing matters. White House counsel Edward Siskel conveyed this sentiment in a letter to House Speaker Mike Johnson, underscoring the need to prioritize the interests of the American people over partisan pursuits.