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Biden Attacks AG Merrick Garland

Biden is furious!

Reports from Politico suggest that there is mounting frustration within the White House concerning the actions of Attorney General Merrick Garland. According to sources familiar with the matter, President Biden feels that Garland should have exercised more control over Special Counsel Robert Hur before the release of a report that criticized Biden’s mental acuity.

In a recent article by Politico reporters Jonathan Lemire and Sam Stein, it was revealed that Biden has expressed his dissatisfaction with Garland’s handling of the situation. While the report cleared Biden of any wrongdoing regarding classified documents, it did include references to his “poor memory,” prompting concerns within the administration and the Democratic Party.

The administration believes that Hur exceeded his authority and provided misleading descriptions in the report. They have placed partial blame on Garland for failing to rein in Hur’s actions. Hur was appointed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate Biden’s handling of classified documents dating back to the Obama administration.

The investigation escalated into a special counsel investigation after additional documents were discovered in Biden’s Delaware home. Garland had previously stated that the special counsel would operate independently but must adhere to DOJ regulations.

Biden and his advisors feel that Garland should have intervened and requested revisions to Hur’s report, particularly regarding the portrayal of Biden’s memory issues. This frustration has led to doubts within the administration about Garland’s future in his position, with some senior advisers questioning his potential tenure in a second term.

The tension between Biden and Garland extends beyond this particular issue, including disagreements over the duration of the investigation into Hunter Biden and the pace of investigations into former President Trump. Biden has privately criticized the length of the probe into his son, expressing concerns about its impact on Hunter Biden’s well-being. Additionally, Biden has voiced frustration over Garland’s perceived slow progress in investigations related to Trump’s alleged election interference.