Are The 91 Charges On Trump Totally Bogus?

Jill Biden Caught Abusing Joe

YIKES! What is going on in the White House?

Following President Biden’s extensive 2022 press conference, First Lady Jill Biden expressed her frustration, questioning why nobody intervened to conclude the lengthy session. In the upcoming book “American Woman,” author Katie Rogers recounts Jill Biden attacking both the President and his aides after the January 19, 2022, press conference, marking his first year in office. President Biden, during the nearly two-hour briefing, discussed various topics but occasionally stumbled over facts and engaged in contentious exchanges with reporters.

Jill Biden’s displeasure was evident, as Rogers describes, her demeanor signaling to everyone present that they owed her an explanation. She directly addressed the aides, questioning why they didn’t halt the conference. Rogers portrays the scene where even the President was rendered speechless by his wife’s reaction. Despite aides slipping him a note suggesting an end to the press conference, President Biden remained silent, leaving the question hanging in the air.

According to Rogers, officials later apologized to Jill Biden for the incident. The book portrays her as fiercely protective of her husband, aiming to shield him from challenging situations. It suggests she is aware of the toll the presidency takes on him, observing his nightly return to the residence with briefing materials.

These revelations surface amidst scrutiny of President Biden’s age and cognitive abilities. Following allegations of significant memory lapses during a special counsel report interview regarding classified documents, Biden delivered a nationally televised address and press conference. The report described him as elderly with memory issues but did not recommend charges for mishandling classified information. Biden’s response was defiant, asserting the adequacy of his memory and his qualifications for the presidency.

Moreover, Biden’s avoidance of one-on-one interviews during his presidency and his refusal of the traditional Super Bowl Sunday network interview for the second consecutive year have drawn attention. Critics question the missed opportunity to address a broad audience.