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Biden Campaign Takes Cheap Shot At Trump

They keep taunting Trump while ordering the DOJ to destroy him and it’s insane.

The Biden campaign celebrated a significant milestone on Wednesday, highlighting its substantial fundraising success and financial advantage over the Trump campaign.

According to newly disclosed election filings, the Trump 2024 campaign managed to raise $10.9 million last month, with an additional nearly $11 million raised by its joint fundraising committee. However, despite these figures, the overall cash reserve for Trump’s campaign stood at approximately $42 million as of the beginning of March. In stark contrast, President Biden’s campaign raised approximately $53 million in February alone, amassing a formidable $155 million in cash reserves heading into March.

Michael Tyler, the communications director for the Biden campaign, seized the opportunity to comment on the disparity, stating that if Donald Trump had these same numbers on his show ‘The Apprentice,’ he would be forced into firing himself. Tyler attributed Trump’s fundraising challenges to his divisive agenda, citing policies such as abortion bans, Social Security cuts, and the promotion of political violence as deterrents to potential donors and voters.

Ammar Moussa, another spokesperson for the Biden campaign, humorously remarked on social media platform X, “I’m not a mathematician but I think we have A LOT more cash.”

While Trump’s recent designation as the GOP’s presumptive nominee could potentially bolster his fundraising efforts through a merger with the Republican National Committee, the RNC reported a significantly smaller cash reserve of about $11 million at the end of February, trailing behind the Democratic National Committee’s $26 million.

Trump’s financial woes are further compounded by mounting legal expenses stemming from four separate criminal trials and a looming deadline to pay a $454 million judgment. This judgment, resulting from a New York court ruling that found Trump guilty of inflating his assets for financial gain, has accumulated additional interest of $112,000 per day, bringing his total debt to approximately $457 million as of Wednesday.

Meanwhile, President Biden continues his engagement on the campaign trail, concluding a three-day trip through Nevada, Arizona, and Texas, during which he participated in three fundraisers. He is scheduled to headline a major fundraiser in New York City next week, where he will be joined by former Presidents Obama and Clinton.