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Letitia James Begins Seizing Trump’s Assets

How can she get away with this?!?

The legal battle surrounding former President Trump’s assets has intensified as the New York attorney general’s office takes concrete steps towards seizing his properties. In a significant move, judgments have been filed in Westchester County, home to Trump’s prominent golf resort and private estate known as Seven Springs.

Public records reveal that these judgments were lodged with the Westchester County clerk’s office on March 6, following a ruling by Judge Arthur Engoron in a comprehensive civil fraud trial against Trump and his business interests. Engoron’s decision held Trump, the Trump Organization, and key executives, including his sons Eric and Donald Jr., accountable for fraudulently manipulating the former president’s net worth for tax and insurance advantages. The judgment totaled a staggering $464 million, plus accruing interest.

With a tight deadline looming, Trump has merely four days to produce the substantial sum required for a surety bond to halt the enforcement of the judgment. Failure to meet this deadline could trigger the New York Attorney General Letitia James to initiate asset seizures. However, if Trump manages to secure the bond, it would temporarily halt the enforcement while he appeals Engoron’s ruling.

James has made it clear that if Trump fails to meet the financial obligations, her office will pursue legal avenues to enforce the judgment. The filing of judgments in counties where Trump holds properties marks the initial phase of this endeavor to recover assets.

In New York City, where Trump’s trial unfolded, a judgment has already been recorded, affecting his iconic properties such as 40 Wall Street and Trump Tower. Despite Trump’s legal team admitting his inability to secure the full appeals bond due to financial constraints, they proposed a reduced bond of $100 million.

In response, James’s office contested this proposal, emphasizing that Trump should not be limited to a single bond and questioning the credibility of assertions made by an insurance broker consulted by Trump’s team. As the deadline approaches, coinciding with the scheduled start of his criminal trial, the legal saga surrounding Trump’s financial affairs continues to unfold with significant implications for his future.