Who Is The Smarter President: Biden Or Trump?

Kamala Shows Her Stupidity To Americans

This week, Vice President Kamala Harris faced online criticism for sharing a photo of herself and second gentleman Doug Emhoff standing next to a gas stove, a move seemingly contradictory to the Biden administration’s earlier proposal to restrict the use of such appliances. In a Christmas greeting on X, Harris wished everyone a joyful day filled with love, family, and good food, mentioning that they were preparing Christmas beef Wellington.

Conservatives swiftly noticed the presence of what appeared to be a gas range in the background of the casual kitchen photo. Representative Mike Collins from Georgia questioned, “Is that another gas stove?” This raised eyebrows among critics, who highlighted the inconsistency in Harris’ choice to cook beef, considering her previous statements advocating for a reduction in red meat consumption for environmental reasons.

This wasn’t the first time Harris faced backlash for a kitchen-related post; a similar incident occurred on Thanksgiving when she shared a photo of her and Doug in their kitchen. The controversy stems from the Biden administration’s earlier intention to ban gas stoves due to health concerns, as expressed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s leader, Richard Trumka Jr.

While the initial proposal to ban gas stoves was abandoned, a subsequent Department of Energy (DOE) regulation suggested stringent energy efficiency standards for these appliances. In March, the House of Representatives passed an amendment, supported by several Democrats, preventing the DOE from implementing these regulations that would have rendered most current gas stoves non-compliant. Notably, around 38% of American households, approximately 40 million, rely on natural gas for cooking in their homes.