Trump Escalates Feud with Rep. Dingell, Responding to Her Critique 🥊

In a recent development in their ongoing dispute, former President Donald Trump has sharply responded to Rep. Debbie Dingell’s (D-Mich.) criticism of his controversial Christmas message. Trump took to Truth Social, labeling Dingell a “loser” and accusing her of contributing to the country’s downfall alongside President Joe Biden.

In his post on Tuesday, Trump lambasted Dingell, accusing her of being complicit in policies he deems detrimental, including open borders, inflation, high energy costs, the Green New Deal, and various international and domestic issues.

This latest attack follows Dingell’s appearance on CNN, where she expressed dismay at Trump’s Christmas Day post. In that message, Trump had wished those he believes are harming the country to “rot in Hell.” Dingell described Trump’s holiday greeting as “pathetic” and indicative of a worrying trend of hostility towards public officials. She also lamented the declining civility in public discourse, especially in the context of a former president expressing such sentiments on Christmas Day.