Biden Tricks Struggling Americans

After suggesting numerous times that President Biden will visit East Palestine, Ohio, the White House is now claiming that President Biden has “no plans” to visit the town and residents of the East Palestine feel like Biden tricked them.

According to Newsmax, officials from the Biden Administration have stated that there are currently no plans for President Biden to visit East Palestine, and it is not included in his schedule.

A senior White House official even told NBC, “When or if the president should go is of course a question we would talk about, but I don’t think this is something we’ve been agonizing over in real-time.”

According to reports, the White House has maintained that President Biden refrained from visiting the site earlier to avoid drawing attention away from the ongoing clean-up efforts. However, as time progresses, certain officials have become increasingly perplexed by the President’s choice to not travel to East Palestine.

How could Biden disrupt the ongoing clean-up efforts? That’s an insane excuse.

Biden is basically bamboozling the residents of East Palestine and Americans are disgusted by his actions.

“I think he should have gone earlier, but I have to assume there were really smart discussions behind the scenes that presented a viable reason why he was waiting to go,” One confused administration official explained.

The Norfolk Southern train derailed on February 3rd, President Biden has had plenty of time to visit by now however he is still refusing to do so.

Democrat Tim Ryan of Ohio has even condemned Biden and has said, “I’m shocked that it hasn’t happened. I just don’t understand. This is not a hard one.”