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Biden Does The Unthinkable, Democrats Ruined

For years, Democrats and the mainstream media shouted at the top of their lungs that Donald Trump was putting “kids in cages” when it came to his decision to put illegals in migrant family detention centers. Now however, it appears that President Biden and his administration are about to do the exact same thing!

According to The Hill, President Biden’s White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre refused to deny to reporters that the Biden Admin was considering reinstating migrant family detention centers at the southern border.

When pressed by reporters, Jean-Pierre shockingly stated, “I’m not going to go weigh in on rumors that are out there or conversations that are happening at this time. The Department of Homeland Security is certainly continuing to prepare for the eventual lift of Title 42. No decisions have been made. But we’ve been very clear with how the president wants to move forward… by putting forward a comprehensive immigration reform.”

Mainstream media reporters who downright harassed Trump about this same issue were shocked to hear what Jean-Pierre said and asked her repeatedly if they were going to do the same thing Trump did.

“I’m not saying it’s being considered … I’m not saying it is not,” Jean-Pierre responded when reporters continued to press her about the issue.

Jean-Pierre emphasized that President Biden’s strategy towards immigration centers around enhancing legal channels, bolstering border security, and ensuring that the administration’s approach is compassionate.

What a joke!

What’s even worse is that the media is already playing damage for Biden and late on Monday, The New York Times disclosed that the Biden administration is contemplating the reinstatement of detaining families of migrants who unlawfully cross the border, but there has been no conclusive determination made as of yet.

It’s shocking and incredible to see just how much the mainstream media and Democrats gaslight the American people. They turned Trump into the boogeyman and now Biden is likely about to do the exact same thing that Trump and even Obama did.