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VIDEO: Creepy Joe Biden Can’t Control Himself

President Joe Biden is facing backlash on social media for a remark he made about Eva Longoria’s age during her visit to the White House on Thursday. The incident occurred when Biden, 80 years old, welcomed the 48-year-old actress to the South Lawn for a screening of her directorial debut, Flamin’ Hot.

According to Newsweek, during his speech to the gathered crowd outside the White House, the president jokingly remarked about their long-standing acquaintance, saying, “We’ve known each other a long time. She was 17, I was 40.”

A video clip of the moment, shared on Twitter, captured the audience’s laughter in response to the quip. It seemed that Biden was attempting to humorously portray himself as younger, considering Longoria would have been seven years old when he turned 40.

However, the comment did not sit well with some social media users, who criticized Biden and labeled him as “creepy” for making such a remark.

“He always comes across as a creepy old man,” commented one Twitter user about the president.

This was not the only wisecrack Biden made that evening. When introducing himself to the crowd, the president revisited a familiar joke, stating, “I’m Jill Biden’s husband,” as reported by the New York Post.

Longoria has been a long-time supporter of the Democratic Party and endorsed Biden during the 2020 election. She campaigned alongside him when he served as former President Barack Obama’s running mate. Additionally, she is a co-founder of the Latino Victory Fund, which advocates for Latinx candidates seeking public office.