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Trump Emails Leaked

Allegations have emerged that Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the former president, sent racially offensive and derogatory emails in the past. These emails, which have recently become public as part of a lawsuit involving one of Trump Jr.’s friends, Gentry Beach, reveal contentious exchanges between the two individuals.

According to Newsweek, Beach, who served as a groomsman at Trump Jr.’s wedding, has been engaged in a protracted legal battle with his former employer, Touradji Capital Management, dating back 15 years. He claims that the hedge fund withheld tens of millions of dollars that he believes he is owed. Beach further accuses Paul Touradji, the founder of the fund, of issuing death threats and plotting to damage his career, all while refusing to provide the compensation owed.

As part of the ongoing lawsuit, Beach sought to prevent the public release of emails he had sent to Trump Jr. from his Touradji work email account between 2005 and 2008. These emails are being presented as evidence by the hedge fund, asserting that Beach’s actions were disloyal to his employer and caused reputational harm to the company, thus justifying the denial of compensation.

Several of the emails exchanged between Beach and Trump Jr. contain offensive references, such as hunting Jews and shooting Mexicans. In his replies, Trump Jr. also made derogatory comments about an increasing number of Black families in Manhattan, comparing it to Harlem, a historically African American neighborhood in New York City.

One exchange between the two includes Trump Jr. expressing dissatisfaction with Mexicans immigrating to the United States, sarcastically suggesting that it provides him an excuse to not learn Spanish. Beach responded by stating his intention to send his son to the border with ammunition to address the immigration issue.

Omar Rivero, the founder of the political activist group Occupy Democrats, condemned the “racist attacks against Mexicans and Black New Yorkers” found in the emails attributed to Trump Jr. Similarly, the anti-Donald Trump PAC Really American highlighted the newly surfaced emails, characterizing them as racist exchanges involving Blacks, Mexicans, and Jews. They added a comment insinuating that such behavior is not surprising, given the Trump family’s previous controversies.

The emails were presented in court during a retrial of the lawsuit, which ultimately ended without a jury reaching a verdict. Beach’s attorney acknowledged the highly inappropriate and shameful nature of the emails but argued that they should not influence the decision on whether Touradji owed Beach compensation.

Beach revealed that the emails were sent to various University of Pennsylvania alumni, including Trump Jr. and some Jewish acquaintances. Tom Hicks Jr., a former co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), was also part of the email chain and allegedly made an antisemitic comment concerning a Jewish real estate broker who had sent explicit images to another member of the group.

Recently, State Supreme Court Justice Andrea Masley rejected Beach’s request to redact Trump Jr.’s name if the emails are used as evidence in a potential new trial.