Romney Says Trump Won't Be 2024 GOP Nominee, You Agree?

Pence Threatens Trump

Former Vice President Mike Pence condemned former President Donald Trump and said that he was “wrong” to have a dinner with accused white nationalist, Nick Fuentes, and rapper Ye (Kanye West).

Pence did say that he did not believe Donald Trump was an antisemite or racist.

According to The Hill, Pence said to reporters, “President Trump was wrong to give a white nationalist, an antisemite and a Holocaust denier a seat at the table, and I think he should apologize.”

Pence then added, “With that being said, as I point out in the book as well, I don’t believe Donald Trump is an antisemite. I don’t believe he’s a racist or a bigot. I would not have been his vice president if he was.”

“But I think the president demonstrated profoundly poor judgment in giving those individuals a seat at the table, and as I said, I think he should apologize for it. He should denounce them without qualification,” Pence continued.

Mike Pence appears to be laying down the groundwork to challenge Donald Trump for the 2024 GOP nomination in 2024 however he may be further away from the presidency than he thinks.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Trump himself are the top candidates heading into 2024. Pence would have to successfully have to fend off not only Trump but DeSantis as well which many speculate is extremely unlikely.