Are Republicans Being Too Weak On Democrats?

Biden Washing Away Trump’s Legacy

President Biden has chosen a new design for Air Force One, after rejecting the one that was chosen by former President Trump during his presidency.

According to The Hill, on Friday, the Air Force announced that President Biden has selected a design for the next Air Force One, which will be a VC-25B aircraft. The design will be similar to the current VC-25A aircraft’s design for the upcoming version.

According to the release, the new design will take into account the fact that the VC-25B is bigger than the VC-25A, and will feature three main differences.

The new design will incorporate a light blue shade on the lower part of the plane, which will be slightly deeper than the current “robin’s egg blue.” Additionally, it will feature a darker blue color around the cockpit area, and will not have a polished metal section because modern commercial aircraft skins alloys do not allow for it.

According to the release, the VC-25A has encountered gaps in its capabilities and increasing maintenance expenses, with some of its parts becoming outdated. To address these issues, the new VC-25B will receive enhancements in electrical power, a mission communications system, a medical facility, an executive interior, a self-defense system, and autonomous ground operations capabilities.

President Biden made this decision after his administration set aside the design chosen by former President Trump for Air Force One, which included a red, white, and blue color scheme. An evaluation by the Air Force found that Trump’s design would result in higher costs and further delays for the already delayed updated aircraft.

Here is an image of both plane designs side by side:

Trump’s plane design clearly looks better. Sadly however Democrats have a personal vendetta against Donald Trump and they won’t let any of his ideas come to fruition.