Do Republicans Still Love And Support Trump?

Red State Declares State Of Emergency

El Paso Texas’ Mayor Oscar Leeser has just declared a state of emergency due to the overwhelming number of migrants who will cross over the southern border as President Biden is set to lift Trump’s Title 42.

According to The Hill, more migrants continue to pile up on El Paso as Biden is expected to repeat Title 42. Shelters have become overwhelmed with illegals and some are even forced to sleep on the streets as temperates drop.

Mayor Leeser explained, “I really believe that today our asylum seekers are not safe as we have hundreds and hundreds on the streets. That’s not the way we want to treat people.”

“We want to make sure that people are treated with dignity and being out in 20, 25-degree weather is not want we want to see,” Leeser added.

What’s worse is the officials believe the city of El Paso will get flooded with even more migrants on Wednesday when Title 42 ends.

Sadly, President Biden and his administration simply doesn’t care about the issue. Neither him nor the Biden Administration has done anything to fix the already bad border situation. Democrats have even gone as far as saying that Biden has already done all that he can do to remedy the issue.