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GOP Calls Trump’s 2024 Campaign A Failure

In a surprising turn of events, Republican Senator Pat Toomey stated that former President Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign has had an “unbelievably terrible rollout”. Toomey also claimed that Trump’s control over the GOP was weakening.

According to The Hill, it all began when CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Toomey if he thought Trump’s influence over the GOP was slipping. Toomey responded by saying “Absolutely, I do.”

“I think his influence was waning, not as quickly as I had hoped it would, but I think it was waning. But the election outcome from last month I think dramatically accelerates the waning. And, frankly, his unbelievably terrible rollout of his reelection — well, his election campaign is also not helping him,” Toomey explained.

Toomey explained that it was evident that Trump was losing power based on the number of Republican candidates who are looking to challenge him in 2024 for the GOP presidential nomination.

“In my travel since the election around Pennsylvania, I’ve heard from many, many formerly very pro-Trump voters that they think it’s time for our party to move on. So, yes, I think that process is under way. It’s not a flip of a switch. It doesn’t happen overnight. He still has a significant following, that’s for sure. But I do think his influence is waning,” Toomey explained.

It’s starting to look like Republican lawmakers are moving away from Donald Trump and looking for another candidate to take his place. It is unclear what will happen in 2024 however a number of Republicans including Ron DeSantis and Tim Scott are eyeing the presidency.