Republicans Say Biden Trying To Buy Voters, You Agree?

Insane Liberal Attacks Trump

At a recent rally in New Hampshire, a protester created a stir by rushing at Donald Trump onstage, prompting the former president to call for his removal. During the event in Manchester on Saturday night, Trump, noticing the disturbance, questioned the identity of the intruder, asking if he was a friend. The protester, clad in a black sweatshirt with the words “Kelly’s Roast Beef,” shouted incomprehensible phrases at Trump, leading the ex-president to instruct his security team to remove him.

Video footage revealed the agitated individual preparing to leave, possibly reaching for his jacket, but instead, he abruptly headed towards the stage. A Secret Service member stationed beneath the staircase thwarted the protester’s advance, resulting in a prompt arrest. Trump, addressing the incident, remarked that such interruptions are a sign of the seriousness of the political landscape.

As the protester was escorted out, Trump supporters expressed their disapproval with boos and chants of “USA, USA.” The former president attributed these disruptions to his leading position in the political race, suggesting that individuals like the protester are paid troublemakers, alleging involvement of billionaire George Soros in funding such incidents.

Trump emphasized the heightened political season and claimed that Soros pays individuals to cause disturbances at rallies. He downplayed the significance of the incident, referring to the protester as a “disturbed person.” Despite these disruptions, Trump remains a significant contender in the upcoming New Hampshire GOP presidential primary, leading with 52% support, according to a recent poll by Suffolk University, the Boston Globe, and NBC10 in Boston.