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Indictment In The Cards For Biden?

This is pure irony!

It has now been learned that attorney for President Biden have discovered ANOTHER set of classified documents at President Biden’s Wilmington, Del., home!

At this point, it would only make sense to raid every single property and office President Biden has because there is no telling just how much classified information is circulating out in the open.

According to The Hill, after discovering the new set of classified documents, President Biden’s special counsel Richard Sauber said that the search of Biden’s Wilmington home was completed on Wednesday night and found a “small number of additional Obama-Biden Administration records with classified markings.”

Sauber stated, “All but one of these documents were found in storage space in the President’s Wilmington residence garage. One document consisting of one page was discovered among stored materials in an adjacent room. No documents were found in the Rehoboth Beach residence.”

“The White House will continue to cooperate with the review by the Department of Justice,” Sauber explained.

This is a very issues security issue and the Department of Justice cannot take this matter lightly since they already raided former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home over similar documents they knew he had. The DOJ likely doesn’t even know what documents are being stored in Biden’s homes and a raid sounds like the best option to ensure national security.

Biden attempted to justify the fact that he had classified documents in his home and explained that they were locked away in his garage next to his corvette, adding that “it’s not like they are sitting in the street.”

“So, the classified material was in a locked garage?” Fox News’ Peter Doocy suspiciously asked Biden.

Biden attempted to make light of the issue and replied, “Yes, as well as my corvette. But as I said earlier this week, people know I take classified documents and classified material seriously. I also said we’re cooperating fully and completely with the Justice Department’s review.”

It’s important to remember that these documents were taken from the White House when Joe Biden was the Vice President. Only the President has the ability to declassify classified documents not the Vice President so it’s likely that Biden broke the law.