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GOP Kicking Lawmakers Out Of Congress

Republicans promised to bring some drastic changes to Congress when they finally took over the House and they mean business.

House Republicans are now trying to bring congressional term limits to Congress so lawmakers can no longer continue to be “career politicians” where corruption can easily run rampant.

According to Fox, a rather significant number of Republican lawmakers want to impose new measures which limits the amount of time and one lawmaker can serve in the United States House and Senate.

Republican South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman introduced H.J.Res.11 which aims to limit how long someone can serve in Congress and the House GOP is taking a very serious look at it.

If Norman’s proposed amendment actually does get passed, it would limit the amount of time a lawmaker can serve in Congress to 3 terms in the House which would amount to a total of just 6 years. Lawmakers serving in the Senate would be limited to 2 terms for a total of 12 years.

Norman defended his proposal and said, “It’s inappropriate for our elected leaders to make long-term careers off the backs of the American taxpayer. We’ve seen the corruption it can lead to. While there is value in experience, it’s easy to become disconnected from those you serve after too many years in Washington. Most Americans support term limits, but the problem is convincing politicians they ought to serve for a period of time and then go home and live under the laws they enacted.”

A number of top Republicans such as Matt Gaetz, Jame Comer and others also support the decision.