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Pelosi Tells Americans To Ignore God

On Tuesday, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, a Roman Catholic herself, delivered a message to the American people emphasizing the importance of voting based on the potential impact of politics on their lives, instead of solely on their religious beliefs.

In transcript provided by Fox, MSNBC’s Joy Reid asked, “Give some advice to those who are frustrated by our politics now.”

Reid then did the unthinkable and asked Pelosi to tell the American people “to vote not on how politics will impact your religion, but how it will impact your life. You’re a religious person.”

In her response, Nancy Pelosi made a reference to John F. Kennedy, who served as the first Catholic President of the United States.

“‘It’s not important what religion I believe in. What’s important is what America I believe in,’” Pelosi replied.

“And that’s what we have to be thinking in terms of taking it to people,” she added.

Additionally, it appeared that Pelosi utilized the occasion to make subtle criticisms of former President Donald Trump and those who endorsed him.

“I do think that many of the people who fell for what’s-his-name’s line, because they just didn’t see a path in the future, in the economy the way it was. I think many of them are really patriotic. I think some of them are racist and bigots, but I think many of them are very patriotic,” Pelosi added.

During the same interview, Pelosi directed a message towards Republican members of Congress, emphasizing that their political wellbeing paled in comparison to the safety and wellbeing of children in schools, playgrounds, and any other setting.

This statement alluded to the tragic incident that occurred in Nashville, Tennessee on Monday, where Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old individual who identified as transgender, launched an unexpected assault on students and faculty at a private Christian institution, leaving the nation in disbelief.