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Biden’s Son Makes Secret Deal With Republicans?

President Biden’s son Hunter has expressed his willingness to cooperate with a “proper subpoena” from House Republicans, countering his earlier refusal by asserting that the previous subpoenas were “legally invalid.” Attorney Abbe Lowell, representing Biden, conveyed this in a letter to House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan. Lowell argued that the subpoenas, issued on November 9 and 10, predated the formal launch of the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, Hunter’s father, on December 13.

Despite Hunter’s offer to testify at a public hearing, Republicans rejected it, claiming he sought preferential treatment due to his last name. They initiated contempt proceedings, leading to a tumultuous hearing on Wednesday when Biden unexpectedly appeared. Lowell contended in his letter that Biden should not face contempt charges, accusing the Republican chairmen of lacking seriousness about truth-seeking and engaging in political theater.

Lowell criticized the chairmen for opposing “transparency” and emphasized Biden’s willingness to participate in either a public hearing or private deposition, provided the subpoenas are deemed legally valid. The letter called the November 8 and 9, 2023, subpoenas and subsequent contempt resolutions legally invalid and questioned the lack of interest in allowing the American people to witness Hunter’s complete testimony.

Republicans have intensified claims of President Biden benefiting illicitly from his son’s overseas business dealings, without providing evidence. The Bidens deny any wrongdoing, while Democrats argue that the congressional proceedings are politically motivated. Hunter Biden, facing possible contempt charges, is also confronted with criminal charges of tax evasion and illegal possession of guns, to which he pleaded not guilty, with a tentative trial date set for June 20. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump, a likely opponent in the upcoming election, grapples with numerous legal issues, including 91 felony charges and civil suits.