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DeSantis Drops Out?

Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, once again teased at a 2024 run and has indicated that he will make a decision about a potential 2024 GOP presidential bid in the near future.

According to Fox, during a press conference on Friday to mark the end of Florida’s legislative session, Ron DeSantis, who won a decisive 19-point victory in his gubernatorial re-election bid last fall, acknowledged that he was confident in his chances leading up to the November 2022 elections, but recognized the need to deliver on those expectations. He stated, “I felt very confident going into November ’22 we were gonna do very well, but you really had to put up or shut up on that.”

Additionally, the governor commented on the prevalent speculation surrounding his potential 2024 plans.

“What happens in the future? We’ll get on that relatively soon. You either gotta put or shut up on that as well. So we’ll see,” DeSantis explained.

Despite Ron DeSantis remaining on the sidelines for the 2024 presidential race, analysts anticipate that the two-term conservative governor may announce his campaign following the conclusion of Florida’s legislative session, which came to an end this week.

Despite his public indecision, Ron DeSantis has reportedly been taking steps towards launching a presidential campaign, including increasing his staff in Tallahassee. Over the past two months, he has made multiple visits to early-voting states including Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, which are the first three states to vote in the GOP presidential nomination process. DeSantis is scheduled to return to Iowa next weekend. These actions suggest that he may be preparing for a 2024 presidential bid.

Ron DeSantis credited his recent conservative legislative victories to the support of a Republican supermajority in the state legislature. He stated, “I also understood that we had this opportunity here to be able to really, really do a lot of great stuff, and I’ve always said that we’re gonna see this through.” This suggests that the governor is committed to following through on his legislative agenda and furthering his conservative policies.