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Pelosi Humiliated In Public

Now this is funny.

Nancy Pelosi faced a chorus of boos from the crowd as she made her entrance at the Chiefs vs. Ravens game in Baltimore alongside her husband, Paul Pelosi. The couple, avid Ravens supporters, arrived in a black SUV on a Sunday afternoon for the AFC Championship game, with a security guard keeping onlookers at a distance. Despite their allegiance to the Ravens, the boos persisted as the Pelosis walked past, seemingly undeterred and sporting smiles.

Interestingly, Paul Pelosi’s dedication to the Ravens was highlighted in 2022 when he was assaulted with a hammer at home. After waking up in the hospital, one of his initial remarks was about the Ravens’ recent victory. In an interview with CNN, Nancy Pelosi shared that her husband’s first words to their son were a joyful acknowledgment of the Ravens’ success, emphasizing his awareness of her unwavering support for the team, especially following the 49ers.

Pelosi, originally from Baltimore, has represented the San Francisco district for many years, requiring her to navigate divided loyalties between the Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers. During the 2013 Super Bowl when the two teams faced off, Pelosi clarified to reporters that while she was supporting the 49ers, it didn’t equate to rooting against Baltimore.

Adding to the star-studded attendance at the game was Taylor Swift, who enthusiastically celebrated her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s early touchdown for the Kansas City team. Swift’s exuberant reactions, including shouting “oh my god,” were evident as Kelce made a spectacular 19-yard catch from Patrick Mahomes, propelling his team to a promising start in Baltimore.