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VIDEO: Trump Asked Who To Be His V.P.?

This is shocking if true.

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. recently revealed that he turned down an offer for the vice presidential position on the potential 2024 ticket of former President Donald Trump. Despite having been approached by members of Trump’s team, Kennedy, at the age of 70, shared in a recent interview with NewsNation that he is not interested in the role.

Acknowledging that individuals from the Trump campaign had reached out to him about the possibility of a Trump-Kennedy ticket, Kennedy’s statement stirred controversy. Trump’s senior adviser, Chris LaCivita, swiftly dismissed the claims, categorizing them as “100% FAKE NEWS.” In a post on X, LaCivita not only refuted the idea that Kennedy was approached but also emphasized Kennedy’s liberal and radical environmentalist stance, indicating that no such approach would ever occur.

In a separate interview with Fox News’s Bret Baier earlier this month, Trump shared his perspective on the vice-presidential selection process. He downplayed its historical impact on elections, stating that it has not had a substantial effect. Trump mentioned that he is in no rush to announce his running mate and may or may not reveal his choice over the next few months. He emphasized the decision’s minimal impact on the election outcome and hinted at a 25% chance of selecting a person who would not overly surprise the public.

As the speculation surrounding Trump’s potential running mate continues, the dynamics between political figures and their public statements add layers of complexity to the unfolding narrative. The intersection of personal decisions, political strategy, and public perception creates an intricate backdrop for the upcoming election cycle.