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Supreme Court Justice To Be Removed?

The Committee on Financial Disclosures within the Judicial Conference is presently reviewing a complaint filed on Supreme Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson regarding her finance disclosures, according to a recent report by the Washington Examiner.

In the past month, the Center for Renewing America, a republican policy group, initiated the filing of an ethics complaint against Justice Jackson with the Judiciary Conference, the overseeing body for federal courts. The complaint alleges that Justice Jackson intentionally omitted vital information concerning the income derived from her husband’s malpractice consulting work.

As outlined in a memo submitted by the Center for Renewing America, federal U.S. judges are by law obligated to reveal the money earned by a spouse from any person that amounts to or over $1,000. However, an exception is granted if the spouse is self-employed in a business or profession, in which case only the purpose of the work needs to be reported.

Expressing optimism about the outcome, Russ Vought, President of the (CRA) Center for Renewing America, stated in a release to Fox News Digital, “We hope the Judicial Conference takes a comprehensive examination at the ethics issues surrounding Jackson and makes sure there isn’t any double standard for justices.” Vought also criticized the Left for allegedly disregarding actual indiscretions and signs of corruption while actively targeting the character of conservative Supreme Court justices.