Biden Says He's Going To Beat Trump By A Landslide In 2024, You Believe Him?

Kamala Makes Insane 2024 Prediction

Vice President Kamala Harris expresses confidence in the Biden campaign’s victory in the upcoming 2024 election, regardless of the Republican Party’s choice for the presidential nominee. In an exclusive interview with ABC News before the Iowa caucuses on Monday night, Harris addresses concerns about the GOP nominee, stating firmly, “No matter who the Republican nominee is, we’re winning.”

Chief White House correspondent Mary Bruce asks Harris about the possibility of former President Donald Trump competing against President Joe Biden. In response, Harris states, “I don’t know, but if it is Donald Trump, we beat him before and we’ll beat him again.”

Donald Trump secures a decisive victory in Iowa on Monday night, announced by the Fox News Decision Desk. Trump expresses gratitude for the early call, acknowledging the credible competition he faced. His win marks the largest margin in the history of Iowa’s Republican presidential caucuses.

Following Trump’s victory, Biden concedes that Trump is the “clear front-runner on the other side at this point.” However, he emphasizes that the election is framed as a contest between him and the voters against extreme MAGA Republicans.

Harris consistently asserts that Biden would convincingly defeat Trump in a hypothetical rematch. In a late October interview with CBS, she confidently states, “We’re going to win. And I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. But we will win.”

Despite acknowledging the challenges, Harris expresses unwavering conviction in the democratic process, emphasizing the need for active participation from everyone.