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Republicans Take Over Southern Border

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis dealt a massive blow to President Biden and the Democrats after he unveiled a new series of proposals that would crack down on illegal immigration that Biden cannot get under control.

According to Fox, DeSantis shut down Biden and said, “This country is unable to control its own borders. We’ve seen millions of people come across illegally over the last two plus years. We’ve seen China, our number-one adversary, fly a spy balloon clear over the continental United States with impunity and basically humiliate our country in the process.” 

DeSantis then announced a series of new initiatives that aim to strengthen immigration laws. One of his new proposals will force all state employers in Florida to use E-Verify to verify the legal status of their workers.

DeSantis then said, “We want all citizens here that want to vote, to vote, but we don’t want anybody here voting illegally. And if you’re not a citizen of this country, you should not be voting in our elections.”

“We need to do everything in our power to protect the people of Florida from what’s going on at the border and the border crisis,” DeSantis said doubling down on President Biden.

President Biden and the Democrats have made it very clear that not only will they not do anything to stop illegals from entering the border, they appear to want more illegals to cross. DeSantis along with other red state Republicans are going to make it very difficult for Biden to ruin their states.

If illegals are looking for sanctuary, they can find it in blue states like New York and California.