Should Biden Give Up His Presidency For Lent?

Trump Attacked After Defending Dictator

Former President Donald Trump has sparked immense backlash from the liberal media after he appears to have stood up for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un as tensions between his country and South Korea begin to ramp up.

According to Newsmax, the United States decided to hold bilateral military exercises with South Korea and Japan using strategic bombers just one day after North Korea decided to shoot Hwasong-15 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

North Korea said that their missile launch was a warning to not hold any military exercises between South Korea and the U.S. moving forward.

Trump then surprisingly defended Kim Jong-Un on Truth Social and said, “Kim Jung Un of North Korea, who I got to know and got along with very well during my years as President, is not happy with the U.S. and South Korea doing big training and air exercises together. He feels threatened.”

He then said, “Even I would constantly complain that South Korea pays us very little to do these extremely expensive and provocative drills. It’s really ridiculous. We have 35,000 in jeopardy soldiers there, I had a deal for full payment to us, $Billions, and Biden gave it away. Such a shame!!!”

Liberals used Trump’s comments and claimed that Trump was “defending” a foreign dictator. Other however have explained that Trump is simply trying to keep the United States as “politically neutral” as possible without stirring up more international tensions.