Will History Look Negatively On Biden's Presidency?

VIDEO: Pelosi Guarantees 2024 Trump Loss

Why would Pelosi say something as crazy as this? What does she know?

In a recent interview with CNN’s Phil Mattingly, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) expressed confidence in President Joe Biden’s chances for re-election, despite concerns raised by the host regarding Donald Trump’s strong polling numbers in a potential rematch. Pelosi refuted the notion that Democrats are uneasy about Trump potentially reclaiming the presidency, asserting that it is impossible.

Mattingly questioned Pelosi about her statement, prompting her to highlight Trump’s stance on tax cuts for corporate America. She criticized the potential impact on the budget and the neglect of the people’s needs. Pelosi emphasized the significance of public sentiment in elections and conveyed her belief that the winning message for 2024 lies within the Democratic Party.

The former House Speaker expressed confidence in Biden’s campaign, citing the president’s vision, knowledge of issues, strategic thinking as a legislator, and emotional connection with working families. Pelosi believes that these factors will contribute to the success of Biden’s candidacy in the upcoming election.

President Biden and his campaign have recently focused on addressing Trump’s popularity in state and national polls. Biden delivered speeches in South Carolina and Pennsylvania, criticizing Trump and drawing parallels between his supporters and “defeated Confederates.” Despite Trump leading Biden by one point in national polls, according to the Real Clear Politics average, Pelosi remains optimistic about the Democratic Party’s prospects in the 2024 election.