Hillary Says Trump Increased National Debt, Is She Lying?

Tomi Lahren Backstabs Trump

As the 2024 election approaches, a rising generation of conservative influencers is seeking strategies to engage their fellow young people who are feeling more disconnected from the Republican Party, with the aim of reuniting them with the conservative movement.

According to Raw Story, Tomi Lahren, the OutKick podcaster who gained a reputation as a strong supporter of Donald Trump, expressed her concerns regarding the 2024 election. She specifically cited her worries in response to reports that Joe Biden’s digital strategy team is collaborating with progressive influencers to better engage with younger voters.

“If we want to win [the 2024 election], we’re going to have to understand what our best chances of actually winning are and be honest: Is what we’re influencing about winning an election or about, what I call, personal grifting?” Lahren argued.

In addition, Lahren remarked that while she holds a great deal of admiration for Trump, she fears that he may no longer be a viable candidate for election, a sentiment frequently expressed by members of the Republican party. She believes that conservatives must unite around a cohesive message to be successful.

“I love Donald Trump. I loved him as my president. He was the greatest president of my lifetime. I wish he was my president now. I’m afraid that Donald Trump, as the nominee, will cause people to vote for Joe Biden just because they hate Trump,” Lahren shockingly said.

Moreover, she pointed out that the former president faces significant challenges in winning the battleground states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, and that the current circumstances suggest that those challenges may prove difficult to overcome.

“Am I willing to be loyal to a losing candidate just to be loyal? No, I have to be loyal to my country first and if I see another candidate that embodies the America First principles, but can win, I would be stupid to not advocate in that direction,”  Lahren added condemning a Trump 2024 run.