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Trump And Kari Lake Drop Bombshell On GOP

Donald Trump has posted a message on his social media platform, Truth Social, stating that he does not believe that any genuine supporters of him would vote for Ron DeSantis if he were to secure the Republican nomination for the presidency.

According to Newsweek, this statement has fueled rumors that Ron DeSantis might face a potential boycott from Trump supporters in the event he becomes the Republican nominee for the 2024 presidential elections. Additionally, Kari Lake, an Arizona Republican who supports Trump and had an unsuccessful gubernatorial run in November last year, has advised Florida’s governor to hold off until 2028 if he intends to have a political career.

Although Ron DeSantis has not announced his official candidacy for the presidential elections, there is widespread anticipation that he will do so, potentially in the coming weeks, as reported by NBC News. Recent polls indicate that he is the second most favored candidate among Republican voters, right after Trump, making him a formidable contender and a potentially challenging opponent for Trump in the GOP primaries.

On Saturday of the previous week, Kari Lake, who has been suggested as a potential running mate for Trump in the 2024 elections, made an appearance on the podcast of Rudy Giuliani, the former attorney for Trump.

During her appearance on Giuliani’s podcast, Kari Lake expressed her opinion by stating that she firmly believes that Ron DeSantis should wait until 2028 if he intends to have a future in politics. She also suggested that if DeSantis decides to withdraw from the race at this point, it would be a wise move for him to make, provided he handles it in the right manner.

Lake added, “He has got a big career ahead of him and the question is: Does he want a big political career? If he does, I think he backs out now and supports Trump wholeheartedly and then continues to run Florida.”