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Shocking: Biden Linked To Abraham Lincoln

Okay, this is actually crazy.

Recently uncovered documents housed in the National Archives shed light on an intriguing historical connection: President Biden’s great-great-grandfather was granted clemency by President Lincoln during the tumultuous era of the Civil War.

The documents reveal a dramatic altercation involving Biden’s ancestor, Moses J. Robinette, during his service as a Union Army civilian employee near Beverly Ford, Virginia, along the Rappahannock River in 1864. According to records examined by The Washington Post, Robinette became embroiled in a violent confrontation with another individual, John J. Alexander, resulting in serious injuries inflicted by a knife.

Charged with attempted murder, Robinette found himself incarcerated in a facility near Florida. However, the situation took a turn when three of Robinette’s comrades, who held officer positions in the U.S. Army, intervened on his behalf. They petitioned President Lincoln directly, arguing that Robinette’s actions were in self-defense against a significantly stronger and larger assailant, driven by the heat of the moment.

Emphasizing Robinette’s unwavering loyalty to the Union cause and his opposition to those seeking to undermine the government, the petition painted a picture of a devoted family man facing dire circumstances. They appealed to Lincoln’s sense of compassion, highlighting the plight of Robinette’s motherless children and urging intervention on behalf of a “Union Father” and his distressed family.

The petition initially made its way to West Virginia Sen. Waitman T. Willey, who lent his support before forwarding it to the White House. Following a thorough review of the case, President Lincoln acceded to the request, extending a presidential pardon to Robinette on September 1, 1864, for the unexecuted portion of his punishment.

The pardon marked a significant reprieve for Robinette, allowing him to resume his life until his passing in 1903. This remarkable episode not only offers a glimpse into the personal history of President Biden but also underscores the complexities of loyalty, justice, and compassion during one of the nation’s most turbulent periods.