Should House GOP Impeach Biden's Border Chief?

Trump Gets The Last Laugh

Former President Donald Trump recently posted on his platform Truth Social that he was going to make a “major announcement” which lead to massive speculation about what was going to happen.

Then the next day he unveiled that he was releasing an entire collection of his own NFT digital trading cards and was mocked by President Biden, Democrats and liberals on social media.

President Biden even went as far as mocking Trump and wrote that he had a “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT” as well and listed off his accomplishments.

Now according to Newsmax, it looks like Donald Trump got the last laugh because his NFT trading cards completely sold out within just 12 hours and raised an astounding $4.45 million dollars.

“Hello, everyone. This is Donald Trump, hopefully your favorite president of all time — better than Lincoln, better than Washington — with an important announcement to make. I’m doing my first official Donald Trump NFT collection,” Trump said as he unveiled his NFTs.

Trump sold 45,000 Trump digital trading cards for the price of $99 each coming out to an outstanding $4.45 million in sales.

While President Biden and the Democrats mocked Trump for his “major announcement” it is clear that Trump made some major money off of the NFT drop and ended up being the last one laughing while Biden and the Democrats continue to try and fix the crippled American economy.