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America’s Southern Border Secured

In a new blow to President Biden and the Democrats, Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott has decided to officially start building a wall on their parts of the southern U.S. border.

According to Fox, Governor Abbott infuriated Democrats when he announced that the red state was taking matters into their own hands have already began building the wall.

Abbott simply wrote, “Texas is building our own border wall.”

The video shows a large crane hoisting large pieces of wall up and construction about to be going at a steady pace.

When President Biden came into office he swore that not another foot of Trump’s wall was going to be built and gave illegals the green light to cross over the southern border.

Liberals erupted on social media over the wall being built however Republicans are refusing to back down. Someone has to built the wall and if Trump isn’t in office to do so, other Republican leaders will.


Governor Abbott’s video already has millions of views and Democrats aren’t happy about it.