Biden Wants Assault Weapons Banned, Do You Support This?

Biden Demotes Schumer

As you likely already know, President Biden gave his long awaited State of the Union Address on February 7th. During the speech Biden talked about a number of issues plaguing the country and even got booed by Republicans a number of time.

However, Biden appears to have accidentally or intentionally humiliated Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer by calling him the Senate Minority Leader.

It’s unclear if this was simply a gaffe by President Biden or a veiled shot at Chuck Schumer since Biden has been critical of how Schumer has ran the Senate a number of times now.

In transcript provided by Fox, Biden appears to have taunted Schumer and said, “And congratulations, Chuck Schumer, another you know, another term as Senate minority leader.

Biden then either caught his mistake or doubled down and mocked Schumer and said, “You know, I think, you know, this time you have a slightly bigger majority, Mr. Leader. You know, majority leader, but that much bigger.”