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Biden Holds Emergency Briefing

President Biden and members of his administration are now considering holding a speech to address the high-altitude Chinese spy balloon and three other unidentified “objects” which were shot out of the sky by U.S. fighter jets.

According to Newsmax, inside sources have said that White House officials are thinking about letting President Biden give a speech about the objects just before he leaves to go to Poland.

President Biden has been under more pressure than ever before from other lawmakers to give the American people a serious breakdown about the series of spy balloons and unidentified “objects” which have left Americans scratching their heads.

Ever since an American fighter shot down the Chinese spy balloon on Feb. 4th, the United States has identified three other object which have been taken down over hard-to-reach areas making it difficult for them to find.

Then in a shocking turn of events, White House national security spokesperson John Kirby suggested that the U.S. intelligence community may believe the three unknown objects could have tied to a “commercial” project. It is currently unclear what Kirby means by “commercial” project.

Kirby later on explained that the United States still has no idea where the last three objects came from.