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GOP Calls McConnell A Coward

It appears that a significant number of Republicans are now growing more and more concerned about Senator Mitch McConnell’s leadership skills and are now asking for change.

According to The Hill, Republican Senator Rick Scott has recently said that he is “tired of caving” on the debt limit negotiations and is putting more pressure than ever before on Mitch McConnell to NOT swoop in at the last second and strike up a deal with President Biden.

Scott explained that he and a number of Republicans want to force the Democrats to cut federal spending and doesn’t want McConnell to derail all of their plans at the last second by giving Democrats everything they want.

“I’m not going to back down,” Scott told reporters.

McConnell has been playing a number of power games within the Senate against his own party. Recently, McConnell attempted to destroy other Republicans from gaining power by removing Rick Scott from Commerce Committee. McConnell also targeted Republican Senator Mike Lee and removed him as well.

Scott along with other Republicans such as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and even Donald Trump have called out McConnell for continuing to “cave” to Democrats for years now.

“You saw [in 2021] he came out and said in July that we would not participate in raising the debt ceiling and then … he organized 11 people to say we’ll allow the Democrats to do it on our own. We didn’t follow conference rules. I’m tired of caving,” Scott said attacking McConnell.