Are Democrats Going To Cause World War III?

Biden’s Tremendous New Failure

Honduras has become the latest Latin American country to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership with China, adding to worries over the Biden administration’s response to the perceived threat from the communist nation.

According to Fox, A legislator from Florida has argued that the policies of the current administration suggest the possibility of “compromise” which could be allowing China to expand its influence and power in the Western Hemisphere.

“The only way a lot of these policies of the Biden administration make any sense whatsoever is that somebody may be compromised here,” Republican Rep. Carlos Giménez stated.

He added, “There sure is a lot of smoke around the Biden family, their finances and where that came from. And as a former firefighter, I can tell you that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

On Tuesday, Honduran President Xiomara Castro declared that her government will pursue diplomatic relations with China, a decision that indicates the termination of its ties with Taiwan.

Giménez asserted that the recent events in Honduras exemplify China’s tactic of “coercing” and subsequently “corrupting” public officials to bring about policy alterations and garner backing for its One-China policy.

This failure just adds to the list of President Biden’s failures. While the mainstream media and Democrats are doing everything in their power to hide the truth from the American people right now, history will look back on Biden’s presidency and ask how this happened.