Democrats Say Republicans Want Border Chaos, Is This True?

Key Group Ditches Biden, Endorses Trump

How does Biden expect to win now?

In a newly conducted poll unveiled on Saturday, insights emerged indicating that former President Donald Trump maintains a substantial 6-pt lead over Joe Biden among Latino voters. The survey, conducted by The New York Times/Siena College from Feb. 25-28, meticulously gathered responses from 980 voters across the nation, aiming to gauge their sentiments regarding potential presidential election outcomes if the 2024 elections were held today.

A significant shift in Hispanic voter support compared to the 2020 elections was unveiled in the survey’s findings. It’s striking to note that 46% of Hispanic respondents expressed a preference for Trump, while only 40% favored Biden. This disparity marks a notable departure compared to the 2020 election results where Biden clinched 59% of the Latino vote against Trump’s 38%, as indicated by Pew Research.

Delving deeper into the survey results, it’s evident that Trump maintains an overall lead over Biden, with 48% of respondents leaning towards the former president compared to 43% towards Biden. Moreover, in a hypothetical scenario pitting Biden against GOP candidate Nikki Haley, voters exhibited a clear preference for Haley by a considerable margin of 10 percentage points. Among all respondents, Haley garnered 45% support, while Biden lagged behind with 35%.

Of particular significance is the pronounced lead Haley holds over Biden among Latino voters. Impressively, 43% of Latino respondents expressed support for Haley, contrasting with just 31% for Biden.

These findings resonate with various recent surveys indicating a notable surge in Trump’s support among Hispanic voters and a corresponding decline in Biden’s favor within this crucial demographic. A USA Today/Suffolk University poll from late December disclosed Biden was behind Trump by 5-pts among one thousand likely Latino voters. Similarly, a Univision poll from the previous year suggested a 4% uptick in Trump’s support among Latino voters compared to January 2021.

Experts and commentators have pointed to economic concerns and dissatisfaction with current policies as key influencers shaping Hispanic voter preferences. Monet Flores-Bacs, from the New Mexico-based nonprofit LIBRE Initiative, emphasized how economic issues, particularly rising prices, significantly sway voter decisions. Likewise, Pedro Rodriguez, a correspondent for Campus Reform, underscored the paramount importance of economic stability and opportunities for Hispanic voters in influencing their political allegiances.

The release of this new polling data coincides with ongoing challenges faced by the Biden administration, prominently concerning the southern border crisis. Recent statistics reveal a substantial influx of migrants crossing the border illegally during Biden’s tenure, with nearly 7.3 million encounters reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Both Trump and Biden’s visits to the southern border underscore the critical importance of immigration policies in shaping public opinion and electoral outcomes.