Do You Believe Democrats Will Replace Biden For 2024 Election?

Haley Accuses Trump Of What?

Haley is losing her mind.

During her appearance on the inaugural episode of “The Hill Sunday” on NewsNation, GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley took aim at former President Trump, attributing recent Republican election setbacks to his influence.

Haley pointed out a pattern of losses for Republicans in various states since Trump assumed office, citing examples like Michigan, Minnesota, and Colorado where GOP support dwindled. She highlighted how even in traditionally red states, such as Virginia, Trump’s association proved detrimental, necessitating gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin to distance himself from the former president.

Expressing her confidence, Haley referenced polling data indicating her potential lead over President Biden in a hypothetical general election. She stressed the importance of not only securing the presidency but also flipping control in other governmental spheres, from the House and Senate to governorships and local school boards. According to Haley, a substantial victory margin would enable effective governance, curbing bipartisan wasteful spending and steering the economy back on track.

Haley’s appearance precedes Super Tuesday, a significant event where 16 states participate in presidential nominating contests. Despite trailing Trump by double digits in current polling, Haley stands as the only viable challenger to his candidacy.

In polling averages comparing a hypothetical matchup between Haley and Biden, the former South Carolina governor holds a narrow lead of almost 4 percentage points according to The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s data.