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Trump Wants To Give A Personality Transplant To Who?

In a recent advertisement released on Friday, ex-President Trump criticized Governor Ron DeSantis by asserting that the current Republican governor of Florida requires a “personality transplant.”

In transcript provided by The Hill, Trump says in the ad, “The problem with Rondesanctimonious is that he needs a personality transplant, and those are not yet available. Almost all congressmen and women that served with him and knew him well supported me, some of them surprisingly so because of their relationship with Ron.”

“I would say that when it comes to lack of personality, Ron would be in a class with [former Arkansas Gov.] Asa Hutchinson, and that’s not good,” Trump added.

Furthermore, the former president remarked that Governor DeSantis’ recent travels abroad were a failure, describing them as “a total bomb.” He added that people were confused as to why the governor had embarked on those international trips.

The ex-president has been frequently singling out the governor of Florida, as polls reveal that DeSantis, who has yet to announce his candidacy, is typically in second place behind Trump in the 2024 GOP White House nomination race.

The advertisement also implies that many Florida House Republicans have thrown their support behind Trump, whereas DeSantis has only earned an endorsement from one House Republican in his home state, namely Rep. Laurel Lee, who formerly served as Florida’s secretary of state under the DeSantis administration.