Does Biden Love Migrants More Than Americans?

Democrat Confesses, Trump Will Win

Republicans should want Biden to run again because it’s starting to look like he is going to lose badly.

Bill Ackman, top Democratic donor and activist, recently expressed his concern regarding President Joe Biden’s candidacy and presidency, suggesting that Biden should step or else he will hand the 2024 presidential election to Donald Trump. In a podcast posted Wednesday night, Ackman voiced his belief that Biden’s performance is lacking and could be detrimental to the country.

According to Ackman, Biden’s continued candidacy is “embarrassing” and reflects poorly on the nation. He emphasized the importance of setting aside personal ego for the greater good, suggesting that Biden’s reluctance to step aside is driven by his ego rather than the best interests of the country.

Ackman argued that Biden’s fitness for office is questionable, likening the role of the president to that of a demanding athlete. He suggested that Biden’s delay in announcing himself as a one-term president could ultimately benefit Trump’s reelection bid by limiting the opportunity for alternative candidates to emerge.

Regarding the Republican primary, Ackman highlighted Michigan’s upcoming presidential primary as a significant indicator of the November election’s trajectory. He noted that potential independent candidate Nikki Haley faces challenges, with Trump dominating the GOP field.

Additionally, Ackman pointed out Biden’s struggles in Michigan, citing poor poll numbers and discontent within the Muslim community. He suggested that a poor showing in Michigan could prompt Biden to reconsider his candidacy.

Despite his support for the Democratic Party, Ackman expressed frustration with Biden and his family, indicating a desire for them to acknowledge the need for Biden to step aside for the sake of his legacy and the country’s future.

In summary, Ackman’s remarks underscore growing concerns within the Democratic Party about Biden’s candidacy and presidency, with implications for the upcoming election cycle.