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Trump-Hater Enters 2024 Race

Supporters of former Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey have come together to establish a super PAC aimed at providing assistance in the early stages of the Republican primary. These allies are gearing up to bolster Christie’s upcoming campaign, which is expected to commence within the next fortnight, as confirmed by an official from the organization and individuals familiar with the situation.

According to the New York Times, Christie’s potential candidacy is anticipated to emphasize a notable distinction from former President Donald Trump. While Christie initially supported Trump and collaborated with him during his presidency, their alliance fractured due to Trump’s assertions on election night in 2020 that the election was illegitimately taken away from him. Consequently, Christie’s campaign is expected to highlight this divergence in their positions.

Individuals with longstanding connections to Christie are spearheading the activities of an external organization known as “Tell It Like It Is,” as they diligently pave the way for an upcoming announcement. According to an informed source, Brian Jones, a former aide who provided guidance during Senator John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign and Mitt Romney’s 2012 bid, will assume the leadership role in this endeavor.

Given the transformation of the Republican Party in the image of Trump over the past eight years, a potential Christie candidacy is viewed as a challenging endeavor. Christie previously ran for president but was overshadowed by Trump, ultimately leading to his withdrawal from the race after securing a sixth-place finish in New Hampshire, a state where he had placed considerable emphasis on his campaign. As a result, the current political landscape suggests that Christie faces an uphill battle in seeking the nomination.

Christie has transformed into a vocal critic of Trump, openly discussing the legal challenges the former president faces and portraying him as a diminished figure who no longer possesses the same level of influence over crowds. As a former federal prosecutor, Christie’s perspective adds weight to his criticisms. His candidacy is closely monitored by donors who either appreciate his outspoken stance or view him as a potential candidate who could effectively challenge Trump, especially in a debate setting.