Have Biden and Kamala Failed To Protect America's Borders?

Trump Exposes Pelosi’s Mistake

After the crooked and corrupt Jan 6 Committee released their final report, former President Donald Trump held nothing back and exposed just how “highly partisan” and slanderous it was.

According to Huff Post, Trump took his social media platform Truth Social and explained how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi played a major role in the riot happening due to her control of security.

Trump explained, “The highly partisan Unselect Committee Report purposely fails to mention the failure of Pelosi to heed my recommendation for troops to be used in D.C., show the ‘Peacefully and Patriotically’ words I used, or study the reason for the protest, Election Fraud. WITCH HUNT!”

Recently a small group of House Republicans looked into Nancy Pelosi’s role in the January 6th Capitol riot and found that some very suspicious behavior had occurred leading up to the riot, including security measures being relaxed causing serious confusion.

Republican traitor Liz Cheney ignored any and all information about Nancy Pelosi’s role in the Capitol riot and doubled down on Trump.

Cheney stated, “Most Americans also did not know exactly how Donald Trump, along with a handful of others, planned to defeat the transfer of presidential power on January 6th. This was not a simple plan, but it was a corrupt one,”