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MAGA Republican Praises Pelosi

Representative Lauren Boebert expressed her strong disapproval of Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s stance on Taiwanese independence, referring to him as a “coward” in a recent tweet. Boebert criticized Blinken following his two-day trip to China, which was marked by a lackluster reception and various setbacks, including China’s reported refusal to resume military communication with the United States.

According to Newsweek, Blinken’s visit took place amidst escalating tensions between the two countries and was the first visit by a secretary of state to China in five years. Originally scheduled for February, the trip was postponed due to the United States accusing China of flying a spy balloon over its airspace. This visit garnered significant criticism on social media, with opponents highlighting China’s territorial ambitions concerning Taiwan and allegations of human rights violations.

During a press conference in Beijing, Blinken stated that the United States does not support Taiwan’s independence. He emphasized the U.S. opposition to any unilateral changes to the status quo and reiterated their commitment to the peaceful resolution of cross-strait differences. Blinken also emphasized their commitment to fulfilling their obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act, which includes ensuring Taiwan’s defense capabilities.

Boebert strongly criticized Blinken for his remarks, asserting on Twitter that he openly opposed Taiwanese independence. She also labeled Blinken and others who share his stance as “cowards” for their support of Communist China. Boebert has consistently voiced her support for Taiwan and was a co-sponsor of a 2021 bill urging President Joe Biden to abandon the One China policy in favor of recognizing Taiwan as an independent country separate from China.

Interestingly, Boebert also commended Representative Nancy Pelosi in her tweet. Pelosi, who was then the House speaker, made headlines when she visited Taiwan despite the Biden administration’s wishes. During her visit, Pelosi affirmed the U.S. commitment to Taiwan’s security as a self-governing entity, despite China’s territorial claims and threats of military exercises.

Boebert pointed out Pelosi’s visit and contrasted it with Blinken’s position, suggesting that Pelosi demonstrated more courage on the issue of Taiwan.

“I still remember when Pelosi visited Taiwan and Biden begged her not to go. Even she had more courage on the issue,” Boebert wrote.