Will Biden Totally Humiliate Himself In A Debate?

Haley Trying To Derail Trump’s 2024 Run

Haley needs to officially endorse Trump to give him more support but she is still refusing to.

Former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley has continued to draw notable support in recent primaries, despite having exited the race over two months ago.

In the Maryland primary, Haley received 20% of the vote, with former President Donald Trump securing 80%, according to Decision Desk HQ. Similarly, in Nebraska, she garnered 18% while Trump obtained 80.1%. In West Virginia, Haley captured 9.4% of the vote compared to Trump’s 88.4%. Donald Trump needs these Haley supporters however she refuses to endorse him even though she is critical member of the Republican party.

After suspending her campaign in March, Haley still managed to draw 21.7% of the vote in Indiana’s primary last week. In Pennsylvania’s primary last month, she amassed over 150,000 votes.

This ongoing support has sparked speculation about Haley’s future political plans, including the possibility of her joining Trump’s campaign as a vice-presidential candidate. Although a report from Axios over the weekend hinted at her being considered for the VP spot, Trump quickly dismissed this in a Truth Social post, stating, “Haley isn’t under consideration for the Vice President slot, however I wish her well!”

Haley did not endorse Trump after suspending her campaign, suggesting that he should work to earn the backing of her supporters. This has opened the door for President Biden and his campaign to try and attract these voters. Biden has made it clear that he welcomes Haley’s supporters, emphasizing their importance to his campaign.

In March, Biden remarked, “Trump made it crystal clear he does not want Nikki Haley’s supporters. I need to be clear: There’s place for them in the Biden campaign.” This indicates a strategic effort by the Biden campaign to appeal to a segment of Republican voters who may be disillusioned with Trump, thereby broadening his base as the election approaches.