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Trump Pays Big In Criminal Trial

It has just been learned that former President Donald Trump’s company the Trump Organization was held in criminal contempt during a secret trial last year for failing to comply with a number of grand jury subpoenas related to tax fraud.

According to The Hill, Former President Donald Trump’s company was forced to pay one $4,000 fine because they “willfully disobeyed” four subpoenas and multiple court orders.

Judge Juan Merchan explained, “The record is clear that the company failed to produce responsive documents without explanation.”

Merchan added, “Despite clear warnings, the Company missed deadline after deadline, never moving to quash subpoenas and never seeking Court intervention. Some subpoenas went largely ignored and another was ignored entirely.”

As you likely already know, Trump’s organization was found guilty of criminal tax fraud last week and will now have to pay an astounding $1.6 million in fees.

The Democrats continue to plague Donald Trump and try to destroy everything he owns because he is running for the presidency in 2024. They have made clear that they have no intentions of backing down.