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VIDEO: Herschel Walker Insults Trump’s Intelligence

In a strange turn of events, Republican Herschel Walker appears to have insulted the intelligence of former President Donald Trump by taking credit for his children’s success.

A new video is being shared by the liberal mainstream media of Walker explaining to a crowd how he had a part in raising both Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. when they were children. He later said that he was the reason both of the kids grew up to be so smart and not because of Donald Trump.

According to Newsweek, Walker says on camera, “I don’t know if y’all know this, but I knew Donald [Trump] before he became ‘The Donald.’ Matter of fact, little Ivanka and little Donald lived with me for a week, for five years, during the summer. Every amusement park, Disney World, Sea World—every place they went, I was the one to take them.”

He then said, “I kept them for a week, so the intelligence of those two kids right there—not from Donald.”


Walkers comments came during a speech at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord where he was speaking to civilian staff members and military personnel.